DL200 - 3D Stone Effect Wall Panel 50x100cm

DL200 - 3D Stone Effect Wall Panel 50x100cm

£12.00 Per Panel

Minimum Quantity : 52 Panel

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Panel size ‎50x100cm
Thickness 2cm
Material ‎Polystyrene (EPS)
Application to surface ‎Silicone
Style / Color ‎Stone Look
Water-Resistant ‎Yes
Heat Resistant ‎Yes
Paintable ‎Yes
Insulating material ‎Yes
Easy to clean ‎Yes

DWP 3D wall panel, The panel's surface is hard and flexible enough, the paint on top of the acrylic surface is UV which makes the panels last longer.

These panels appear in the original Brick and Stone, When applied it will look like an original Brick or Stonewall.

Because of its ease of application, anyone can apply these panels.

It comes ready so all that needs to be done is the application of the panels.

Panel sizes are standard 50 x 100 cm, thickness is 2cm for the inside and 4cm for outside panels.

It will only allow 3.

5% of water and dampness which means that it could also be used in the bathrooms with no problems.

The polystyrene wall panel is the best material for brick wall cladding.

We provide stone and brick wall panels.

The decorative styrofoam wall panels are suitable for homes, business premises, cafes, hotels, offices, exhibition stands, restaurants, and decorating showcases.

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